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Moonlit brings along a team of accomplished designers, coders, and strategists driven to provide business intelligence solutions to cross-industry client base.


Featured Projects


Trove is a privacy-focused bookmark application built collaboratively by like-minded individuals.

Moonlit Solutions defined the underlying tech architecture leveraging the Blockchain technology and supported in creating a sound brand presence in the blockstack ecosystem.

Trove is for readers, writers, and anyone who wants to treasure their knowledge.


Feasibility Study

Moonlit Solutions conducted an extensive research on Kathmandu’s Karaoke industry incorporating questionnaire based survey analysis, Voronoi analysis, competition analysis and sentiment analysis.


Nepal Data Literacy

Moonlit Solutions supported World Bank Nepal to conduct open source data literacy project. The primary purpose was to build a culture of data driven decision making.


Market research

In today’s fluid business environment, understanding the complexities of the market, competitive landscape, technological advances and positioning the product accordingly is key to ensure success. Moonlit offers market research support through tools and research disciplines like traditional, entrepreneurial market research, data analysis, business and economic models.   


Analysing business data can help identify and forecast trends that allow companies to provide tailored services to the customers,  increase operational efficiency, improve sales and gain a competitive advantage.Moonlit helps you explore what is possible with data to optimise your business process and get data-informed answers via predictive modelling, machine learning, trends analysis etc. Moonlit sets you up with fluid dashboards to make it easy to discern patterns and strategise your next big move.  

product and innovation

Our team of industry experts have successfully penetrated several innovative concepts into the market. If you have an idea in its infancy and see the potential, we have a team who will research and architect it for you. Identifying a correct team for building a product is crucial in the entrepreneurial ecosystem before committing the entirety of your resources. Moonlit helps you mitigate and prepare for associated risks in the market.


Technology Services

Whether you need to decide on the best technology stacks for your specific business needs, identify best software implementation practices, or assess current development life cycle for optimisation, Moonlit provides industry leaders who have years of experience in software development. If your business needs a website, an app, a prototype, or any technological solutions, Moonlit will develop, host and maintain it using industry standard practices.

Brand Development

We reckon that no one else knows more about your brand than you. However, we also believe that for a health checkup of brand, a correct balance of inside and outside perspective is instrumental. That’s where Moonlit comes in. A fresh perspective shines light on your brand’s strength and weaknesses that would otherwise have gone unseen or identifies opportunities that are hiding in plain sight. We might just also help you craft your brand promise, values or add a little more charm to your already beautiful logo.

Grant Consulting

As a small or medium entrepreneurial venture, you might be seeking grants to escalate your business to the next level. The process of applying grant could be challenging in terms of identifying the edge that maximises the chances of getting the fund. Moonlit team ensures that your grant proposal is well written and thought-out which will make it standout. We also consult grant management throughout the grant lifecycle.



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